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Sharon Lee Go is an IPTPA Certified Pickeball Instructor as well as a competitive pickleball player, Southern California native, and former Huntington Beach resident. She has dabbled in various sports from softball to badminton and dance growing up, but none as seriously as pickleball. Sharon started playing pickleball in October 2020 during the thick of COVID. Since then, Sharon has competed and won several medals, most recently in Women's and Mixed Doubles in 4.5. In November 2022, Sharon will start competing at the 5.0 level. 


Sharon's teaching style is all about having fun while making mental and physical improvements to your game. Because physical fitness, working out, and training is a huge component of Sharon's personal life, she will incorporate footwork, agility drills, etc. to your coaching session (if desired).  While Sharon welcomes players of any age and any level, Sharon most enjoys coaching beginner and intermediate students as well as children, as she has a 3.5 year old of her own!

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