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Wendy Haining is 51 years old born and raised in good ol’ SoCal. She's been a Physical Therapist for 27 years and continue to be very active with hobbies of running and hiking in addition to pickleball. Sports has always been a part of life with her father being a coach and athletic director. She grew up playing basketball and volleyball and in her mid-30’s decided to start running doing half marathons and marathons for 13 years until with her younger brother they decided to try out pickleball at the end of 2019.

It started out as something they could play together since he is 12 years younger than her and after the first few rec games Wendy was hooked. The past 2 1/2 years has been an incredible journey of playing a sport she has become passionate about and more importantly becoming a part of an amazing community of people. Wendy interest in coaching is to help grow this sport that has given her so much enjoyment and to promote healthy, active living for all ages. 

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